Bin Etiquette: Your Guide to Keeping Things Fresh Between Our Expert Cleanings

Hello, savvy New Jersey residents! Maintaining a pleasant aroma around your home extends to your garbage cans too. However, while a touch of upkeep goes a long way, nothing beats the thorough cleaning service we provide at Jersey Garbage Can Cleaners. Here’s how to keep things fresh in between our visits. 🌺

A Fresh Breath for Your Bins  

A sprinkle of baking soda at the bottom of your bins between our professional cleanings can help keep odors at bay. Consider it a little breath freshener for your bins. 🍃

Double Bagging: A Small Step, A Big Difference  

Double-bagging your waste isn't about being over-cautious—it's about ensuring that no mystery liquids brew a nasty surprise at the bottom of your bin. A simple yet effective tip to tide over until our next scheduled cleaning. 🌊

No Loafing Around: Keep Bread Away  

Bread can turn into a moldy menace in your bins. Opt to compost it or share with our feathered friends. It’s all about minimizing the mess awaiting our next visit. 🍞🦢

Caffeine Boost: Not Just for You  

Scattering used coffee grounds in your bins can help absorb odors and deter pests. Share that morning ritual with your bins; they'll appreciate the gesture. ☕🐜

The Forbidden List: Some Things Just Don't Belong  

Certain items like batteries, paint, and chemicals need a special disposal route via your local waste management facility. Keeping them out of your bins ensures a smoother cleaning service. 🚫

Shade is Your Bin’s Friend  

Storing your bins in a shaded area slows down decomposition, making our job a bit less... aromatic. Plus, it's a simple way to manage the mess between our expert cleanings. 🌳😊

Lock it Up  

Ensuring the lids on your bins are tightly sealed keeps uninvited guests like raccoons and stray animals at bay. It’s like rolling out the red carpet for our cleaning crew while keeping party crashers out. 🦝🚫

And there you have it! By following these simple tips, you’re not just keeping things tidy between our professional cleanings, you’re also making our job a tad easier and a lot more effective. So here’s to fresh bins and a happier neighborhood. And remember, when it's time for a thorough cleaning, Jersey Garbage Can Cleaners has got you covered. Until then, keep it fresh, Jersey! 🎉🏆