From Dump to Decor: Creative Ways to Reuse Items from Your Garbage Bin

Greetings, fellow New Jersey residents and cleanliness enthusiasts! Today, we at Jersey Garbage Can Cleaners are steering away from our regular garbage can cleaning services to embark on a creative journey. We're here to inspire you to look at your trash differently, seeing the potential for beauty and functionality in items you might otherwise discard. Let's dive into the world of upcycling, transforming your dump into delightful decor!

 1. Glass Jar Lanterns


- Empty glass jars

- Fairy lights or candles

- Ribbons or twine


1. Clean the glass jars thoroughly, perhaps post a garbage can cleaning session with us, and let them dry.

2. Wrap a ribbon or twine around the neck of the jar to add a rustic touch.

3. Place fairy lights or candles inside the jar to create a cozy lantern, perfect for those New Jersey evenings on the porch.

 2. Bottle Cap Mosaic


- Bottle caps collected from your cleaned garbage cans

- A wooden board or an old table

- Glue


1. Arrange the bottle caps on the wooden board in a pattern or design of your choice, creating a vibrant mosaic that speaks of creativity and recycling.

2. Glue the bottle caps in place, and voila, you have a piece of art that is as unique as New Jersey itself.

 3. Tin Can Planters


- Empty tin cans

- Paint

- Plants or herbs


1. Clean the tin cans and remove any labels.

2. Paint the cans in vibrant colors or patterns, showcasing the lively spirit of New Jersey in each stroke.

3. Plant your favorite herbs or small plants in the cans, creating a mini garden that is eco-friendly and charming.

 4. Cardboard Box Storage


- Cardboard boxes

- Fabric or wrapping paper

- Glue


1. Cover the cardboard boxes with fabric or wrapping paper, giving them a fresh new look that mirrors the cleanliness we advocate for.

2. Use the boxes for storage, organizing everything from toys to craft supplies, promoting a clean and organized home.

 5. Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder


- Plastic bottles

- Wooden spoons

- Bird seeds


1. Make holes in the plastic bottle for the wooden spoons to go through, creating a perch for the birds.

2. Fill the bottle with bird seeds, inviting a flurry of feathered friends to your garden.

3. Hang the bottle on a tree and watch the birds flock to your DIY feeder, bringing life and joy to your outdoor space.


There you have it, New Jersey's finest upcycling ideas to transform your trash into treasure, brought to you by the experts in cleanliness at Jersey Garbage Can Cleaners. Before you toss something in the bin, take a moment to think about how you can give it a second life, adding charm and personality to your home.

Ready to embark on an upcycling adventure? Start with a clean slate by scheduling a garbage can cleaning service with us, ensuring your raw materials are clean and ready for transformation. [Book our services today]( and let's make New Jersey not just cleaner, but also craftier, one garbage bin at a time!